Our motto for the 2017 version is: Trajectories’ – Future Pathways in Design. A trajectory shows where something is heading. The concept of ‘Trajectories’ represents well the idea of different groups, each moving forward on their unique paths into the future.

Trajectories – Future Pathways in Design presents upcoming designers who dare to make a next step.

We invite (international) designers, artists, schools and collectives to participate and to share their stories, their visions and experiments for the world of tomorrow.

Trajectories is organized and hosted by TAC, a lively and edgy art space in the heart of DDW, situated right on the main route between the city centre and Strijp. TAC is home to 80 creative talents, from visual artists to musicians, from game designers to filmmakers, from photographers to designers.

During DDW we invite talented national and international designers to present their work alongside what is created in and around TAC. This results in a nice mixture of starting and established designers, and experimental and instituted work – all with a strong bias toward the young and upcoming.

In 2016, we welcomed around 15.000 visitors to see 17 exhibitions by 80 designers from 7 countries, to dine in our restaurant, and to take participate in events and programmes. Due to its scope, reach, quality and atmosphere, TAC Trajectories is one of the best appreciated shows during Dutch Design Week.

To see what we have to offer and other practical information you can download our call for entry PDF.