TAC has around 80 studios where 100 starting artists and designers are working on the world of tomorrow. We call these young, enthusiastic makers TAC-residents. As a platform for young talent, we not only offer them workspace, but also the opportunity to exhibit within TAC.



Until June 2020 TAC does not take new makers for renting a workspace. Further message will follow.

Do you also want to settle down in TAC, work here and make use of our public spaces? That is possible. We have spaces in many shapes and sizes. We have our dirty spaces for sawing, chopping, drilling and other activities that make a lot of noise. We also have dirty spaces away from the noise for cutting, sewing, painting and so on. Alongside these dirty spaces, we have spaces for thinking, designing, drawing and typing. The smallest ateliers are 16 square meters and the lowest rent starts at €160 a month.

The workspaces are available for starting professional artists. Our selection committee makes sure there is a balance between the different disciplines and that the quality level remains high. This committee wil view your work and interview you about your motivation to choose for TAC. For more information about the different spaces you can email Gijs via

If you fill in our application form, you will be invited for an interview. Click here for your application form.

Mike Dobber Muzikant, Audio-design, Producer
Adelaide Tam fooddesign
Alex Gehlen Design Academy
Alexandra Fraser Painting, performance, mixed media
AlmarOntwerpt Productdesign, Social Design, prototyping
Ambianti Intelligent lighting
André van de Wijdeven Sculpture
Atelier Boetzkes Architecture
Ateliereen Architecten Architecture
Beam It Up Social Design, videoworkshops
Beer Holthuis Design
Boris Lancelot Experience Design
Bureau Baggerman Design
Chan Chiao Art and design
Clara Dunklee Multidisciplinairy
Coline Guérin Design Academy
Do Collection Design
Dolf Robertus Graphic design
Durdin Fine Arts & Illustrations Visual arts, illustrations
Dwight Fagbamila Film
Ekaterina Galetski
Emy de Rooij Visual arts
Erik Vlemmix Digital- and service Design
Esther van Waalwijk Photography and painting
Frederike Manders VR-design
Gam Bodenhausen Visual arts
Games For Health Game design and design
Giuditta Vendrame Social design
Guglielmo Poletti Design
Guus van der Velden Visual arts
Ilona Huvenaars Visual arts
Ingrid van den Brand Visual arts
Ishtar Hsu Draphic design, Art
Jian Da Huang Design
Johan Moorman Design illustrations
Karlijn de Groot
Kazoe van den Dobbelsteen Multidisciplinary
Klaartje Esch Art organisation, Photography
Krijn Hendriks Multimedia, industrialdesign
Kuang-Yi Ku Design
Lars Leeuw Art, music, Philosophy
Laura Lynn Jansen Design
Lisa Louwers Scenography
Lotte Dirks Illustratons
Lotte Monfrooij Accountancy
Louisa Zahareas Visual arts
Lu Fan Art and design
Maarten Baptist Design
Marcel de Buck Photography
Marieke van de Graft
Maxine Granzin Spatial design
Minyoung Choi Design Academy
Monique Rutten Visual art, painting, illustrating
Neldrick Martis Music
Nikolai Gillissen Industrial Design
Noon Passama Jewelry design
Noud van Tiem Photography
Olle Lundin Design
Pao Hui Kao Design
Pascale Theron Art design
Pei-Ying Lin Bio-art, bio-design
Philipp Kolmann
Ralph Timmermans Producing, composing
Renske Rothuizen Design
Richard van Kruysdijk Audio-, Video- en Graphic Design
Ricky van Broekhoven Haptic Design/Sound Art
Rik Maarssen Design
Roald Sooijs Design
Rob Looman
Robin Weidner Social design, interaction design
Sara Kaiser Experience Design and film
Sarenville Music
Soyoun Kim Interdisciplinair
Stichting DOCfeed Documentairy festival
Studio Jie Chen Product Design
Studio Krom Media, art, design
Studio of Things Graphic deisgn
Studio Pao Design, Visual art
Studio Philip Ross Interactive licht design
Studio Ruimzien – Bente Schonkeren Deisgn, training, advice
Studio van Laar Graphic- and motion design
Tanya Long Art
Tess Cleven Design
Teun Kuipers Visual art
Thomas Vailly Product Design
Timothy Liu Social Design
Toon Nijssen
Vincent Thornhill Information Design
Willemijn Saaltink Drawing
Yen-An Chen Graphic design, film fotography
Yi-Fei Chen Design