We rent out workspace to young professional artist.

We have about eighty ateliers where 120 artists are working. We call these artists TAC-residents. TAC-residents in all disciplines have been working in the TAC-building since 2004.

Do you also want to settle down in TAC, work here and make use of our public spaces? That is possible. We have spaces in many shapes and sizes. We have our dirty spaces for sawing, chopping, drilling and other activities that make a lot of noise. We also have dirty spaces away from the noise for cutting, sewing, painting and so on. Alongside these dirty spaces, we have spaces for thinking, designing, drawing and typing. The smallest ateliers are 16 square meters and the lowest rent starts at €160 a month.

The workspaces are available for starting professional artists. Our selection committee makes sure there is a balance between the different disciplines and that the quality level remains high. This committee wil view your work and interview you about your motivation to choose for TAC. For more information about the different spaces you can email Gijs via info@tac.nu.

If you fill in our application form, you will be invited for an interview. Click here for your application form.

Games for health Social Design en organisatie-advies
Buro Beukorkest Beeldende kunst en muziek
Esther van Waalwijk Fotografie
Ilona Huvenaars & Jan Pieter van Laar Grafisch Design
Frans Mouws/DOCFeed Film
Andre van de Wijdeven Beeldende kunst
Vaneesha Advani/Designs by Sonia Jewelry Design
Marieke van der Graft Grafisch Design
Studio Renske Rothuizen Product Design
Evi Vingerling Schilderkunst
Richard van Kruijsdijk Componist
Ricky van Broekhoven Beeldende kunst
Marc van de Sande Beeldende kunst
Tanya Long Schilderkunst\fotografie
Ontwerpbureau Roald Sooijs Product Design
Philip Ross Lighting Design
Almar Sinte Maartensdijk Product Design
Toon Nijssen Beeldende kunst
Aaron van Erp Schilderkunst
Edoardo Durdin Schilderkunst
Atelier Boetzkes Architectuur
Rolisa Sweegers Jewelry Design
Jing He Conceptual Design
Thomas Vailly/Laura Lynn Product Design
Willemijn Saaltink Schilderkunst
Lars Leeuw Beeldende kunst en muziek
Marcel de Buck Fotografie
Mindpark/Ralph Timmermans Muzikant
Serendipity Labs Muzikant
Emy de Rooij Beeldende kunst
Ateliereen Architecten Architectuur
MAFNES Josef Trojan, Filip, Takeshi Design
Klaartje Esch Fotografie
MaMaProdukties/Frederike Manders Fotografie
Alexandros Kotoulas
Noon Passama en Maarten Baptist  Edelsmit, Jewelry Design
Dolf Roelofsen
Gam Bodenhuizen Beeldende kunst
Vincent Thornhill/Giuditta Vendrame
Woojai Lee/Studio Woojai
Mikhail Gurovich
Erik Vlemmix/Hongjie Yang
Teun Kuipers
Kevin Hoes/Les Projecteurs
DRTMSTR, K.d.Groot (Storms), Lotte Dirks, Eline Rijnvos Kunstenaarcollectief
Jie Chen
Beam it up Social Design\Animatie
Bram de Maat/StudioRuimzienSpotArchitecture Architectuur
Georgios Metaxas/Ambianti Product Design
Philipp Kolmann
Ingrid van den Brand Schilderkunst\fotografie
Guus van der Velden
Louisa Zahareas/Lamdazita
Monique Rutten Schilderkunst
Rob Looman Schilderkunst
Krijn Hendriksen/Studio Denkwerk
Lisa Louwers Vormgeving
Giulia Soldati/Gali Blay
Federico Rosa Design student
Sara Fiona Kaiser Design student
Maria Carmela De Michele Design student
 Shengkai Hsu Design student
Aleksandra Gudkova Design student
Maxine Granzin Design student
Jian-Da Huang en Pao
Albert en Sander