Peter Fengler presents a ‘living archive’ of earlier performances. His work isn’t set in time, but develops itself, even after a performance is long gone. He sees his work as visual constructions that function as a basis for new images and sounds.

Entrance: free


LES 3 COQS, Baroque Non Baroque # 187987, Paris 2015
Performed at: L’Individu – Paris, Living Arts Museum – Reykjavik, SMAK – Ghent, WORM – Rotterdam, Van Abbe Museum – Eindhoven, Spedition – Bremen a.o.
Photo: UltraHobbyComplex

DE PLAYER presents in the space and context of the exhibition ‘Had 
ik het ook zo gedaan als ik een vrouw was geweest’ for Via Ventosa festival a playeresque showcase. With Difficult, Ash Kilmartin, Reinier van Houdt, Fluwelen Koord, DJ Urine, Peter Fengler.

/// DIFFICULT (int.) Tracy Hanna, Kari Le Riche Robertson and Eothen Stearn playing Difficult music using bass, drums, keyboard, vocals. Visual artists based in Rotterdam their musical collaboration combines absurd lyrics with punk sensibility and improvisation, a difficult process of unlearning and transcending genres. They met at the Piet Zwart InstituteMFA program in 2016 and all worked together at the venue WORM. | soundcloud.com/difficultband 

/// ASH KILMARTIN (NZ) is an artist. She has a journal full of secrets because no one has read it. Sad! Ash is a guerrilla gardener. Or, she knows one. Pay Attention! She writes lots of words and she takes the weeds out. Ash is a size-shifter, here’s a magnifying glass you can use. Everyone knows how to use one. Ash bends the truth. Or, maybe she creases it right down the middle. Maybe she hacks away at it with a tiny pocket knife. Ash uses the most superlatives. Sadness, anger, lying, peeing. Ash wants to get language out of the way. She will do a site-specific performance. In the garden. Pay attention! | ashkilmartin.net 

/// REINIER VAN HOUDT (NL) Acclaimed pianist who performs rather extreme avant-garde pieces, will perform with Peter Fengler Luc Ferraris piece Didascalies 2 for you. Van Houdt’s perspective on his profession: “more and more music escapes the grasp of the composer, the musician and the listener. The notion of music perceived as ‘a genius’ creation’, an ‘artisanal product’ (manufactured according to a certain tradition) or as an experience that is exchangeable within a market, is coming to an end. Music seems more like a natural phenomenon or a ghostlike apparition, brought about by experiments or certain states of mind. Heavily distorted or barely audible – a hiss, almost; an essential unreliability, that nevertheless determines its vitality…” | www.reiniervanhoudt.nl 

/// FLUWELEN KOORD (BE) These four No Wave dandies prefer playing with their flutes over wetting their brushes in their painting studios. Fluwelen Koord is almost bred in the Ultra Eczema camp; Belgium’s backbone for unclassifiable music / sound art. Basically, this is a bunch of ill-bred art students being caught with their pants down, trying to channel their weird and wonderfully……..???????>>>>>>. (psychedelics?). The second half of 2018 we will present their 12” album, for this they will do a specific abstract entertaining mood boards jam. Very luxurious. | soundcloud.com/fluwelenkoord 

/// DJ URINE (FR) DJ Urine is a sculptor and sound artist who works with non-computerized sound manipulation. Instead of cutting and pasting snippets of audio together on a laptop, Dj Urine (a french anagram for Ruine, Nuire & Réuni) reaches for the superglue and creates literal sound collages from fragments of vinyl records. These are assembled in a variety of ways, from the pizza slice method to fine mosaics. and played on up to 1 to 7 phonograph simultaneously, to build up rhythms, loops and textures out of many different musical genres. | djurine.bandcamp.com 

/// PETER FENGLER (NL) artistic slave and pusher of DE PLAYER and as well performer in a most inconvenient way. Doing Baroque as well as Non-Baroque and dives in unknown and forgotten poetry. Playing mouth flute and other non hip instrumentals in combination with tax based pieces and choreography. | ultrahobbycomplex.hotglue.me