22 OCT. /// Playground Session #8

LECTURE /// 19.30 O’CL
Playgrounds and Graphic Matters present a special edition of Sessions during Dutch Design Week with three special guests talking about interactive sound installations and illustration:

This Polish studio makes impressive interactive installations. Their futuristic APPARATUM (an analogue synthesizer inspired by the Polish Radio Experimental Studio) is on show in TAC during DDW where they will tell you all about their awesome installation. Feel free to play with the APPARATUM after the talk to create your own compositions.

Presenting his new installation ‘Volverium’ (a glass and mirror VR experience developed for a Jacco Gardner video) at TAC during DDW, Thijs Biersteker will tell us everything about his new fantastical contraption and other intriguing works.

Lastly we will be joined by the amazing Jan Bajtlik, one of our favourite graphic designers who’s currently working for Hermès Paris designing scarves, textiles, ceramics, wallpapers, typography and window displays. He’ll give some insight into his work, life and everything else he feels like talking about.

Entrance is free, but please reserve your seat here.
(150 seats available)

More info on Volverium: https://www.ddw.nl/nl/programma/116/volverium

More info on APPARATUM:

More info on Jan Bajtlik: http://bajtlik.eu