PREVIEW, AUDIOVISUAL /// FR. 23 AUG 20.30 /// SU. 25 AUG 16.00


Preview of a new interactive audiovisual project,
by Richard van Kruysdijk.
Count Giacinto Scelsi D’Ayala Valva, aristocrat, poet and composer, was one of the twentieth century’s more unusual musicians. He is best known for writing music based around a single pitch, altered in various ways, through microtonal oscillations, harmonic allusions, and changes in timbre and dynamics. In a different time and place, Dutch musician and composer Richard van Kruysdijk felt the same urge to minimize tonal information in his new intuïtive compositions. Later, he discovered Scelsi’s music, recognized his journey, felt a kind of kinship, and started investigating Scelsi’s wondrous music more intensively. This is meant to result in a new audio-visual live performance, entitled SLICES.
Richard takes the concept a step further by minimizing the actual playing of instruments – in this case, circuit-bent analog synthesizers and a large collection of cross-connected effects. The system generates feedback loops and slowly degrading echoes which reveal a rich palette of harmonics. Richard accumulates and fuses consonant as well as dissonant harmonies, looking for unexpected friction between frequencies, thereby creating an extremely intricate manifestation of melody.
For SLICES, he has extended his instrumental set-up to the visual domain, applying the same strategy by allowing audio signals to generate and distort projected video.
To accomplish this, he collaborates with video expert Bart van Geldrop to create technical tools that make it possible to achieve optimal interaction between the audio and video signals.
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