MUSIC /// SU. 26 MAY /// 16.00

TAC, on May 26th, will host a very special event: the presentation of the music of Sedje Hémon and of two young artists that were deeply inspired by her works and life. The concert is taken care of by Ensemble Modelo62, who will also play the program in the prestigious Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam that weekend.  A great opportunity to experience the universe of a rediscovered gem of Dutch modern art!


Hémon, a Shoah survivor who subsequently worked in The Hague for most of her life, developed a unique approach of translating the visual into the sonic. Described as a “method of integration”, this approach resulted in fervent explorations of sound and image in Hémon’s striking compositions.


After many years of quiet waiting, Hémon’s work now returns to the public with fresh energy. During Documenta 14, which attracted over a million visitors, Hémon’s painting scores were shown in Kassel and Athens. The Stedelijk Museum has around twenty works by Hémon in the collection. The work Pas de Quatre (1964) is currently on show in STEDELIJK BASE.


The Hidden Agreements program consists of two compositions by Sedje Hémon that have not been heard in public for nearly four decades, and two new compositions by Marianna Maruyama and Andrius Arutiunian that take Hémon’s multidisciplinary approach to sound and image as their starting point. Translation into movement, repetitive bodies, virtual reality and digital decay – these are the core themes of the new works, relating directly to Hémon’s writings and practice.


Ensemble Modelo62

With a combination of ambitious, innovative programming and a high standard of performance, Ensemble Modelo62 from The Hague has built up an international reputation in contemporary experimental music.

The name Modelo62 was inspired by the playful precision evoked in the novels of Argentinian writer Cortázar, in which the personages operate independently but also collaborate, in order to form a system that is greater than the sum of its parts.

This dynamic coherence in the ensemble leads to taut, energetic performances that bring the compositions to life and have earned them considerable recognition from both public and press. This is also reflected in the way in which the musicians approach the experiment, with a remarkable openness, giving rise to new ideas and techniques that make use of a wide range of musical styles.

Founded in 2001 Ensemble Modelo62 has been guest at The Netherlands’ main new music festivals and venues, such as Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Dag in de Branding and November Music. They took part in the International Summer course in Darmstadt in 2010 and they have toured in UK, Norway, Mexico and Argentina. Their first four albums, with great reviews in The Netherlands, Germany and England, were released in from 2014 to our date and are available online.