TAS Presents: 3rd Hand Shop



Two worlds are colliding, as in March we will open two special stores: TAS – Temporary Art Shop, an initiative by TAC and 3rd Hand Shop, an initiative by Stichting Djenné and young international designers. Both stores not only showcase unique pieces, they make it their mission to support charity and art. Read more about both initiatives below.


TAS – Temporary Art Shop

Buy art, support artists! Shaped as a store, TAS – Temporary Art Shop is a non-profit initiative that supports the local art scene. Showcased is an ever growing collection made by our residents are intriguing artworks, one of a kind collectables and special TAC merge. Keep an eye out for the vitrine and who knows, you might just find the perfect piece to call your own. 


Participating Artists and Designers:

  • Onuitgesproken
  • Wobby Club
  • Barreuh Records
  • Kont magazine
  • Keke van de Ven
  • Richard Kruysdijk
  • Ahn


3rd Hand Shop

A collaborative project between Stichting Djenné (NGO), owner of a second hand store in Eindhoven to support the educational infrastructures in Mali, and young international makers.

Through the 3rd Hand Shop, designers and artists will use their skills and creativity in transforming secondhand objects to reborn art pieces. These re-invented products will be exhibited at TAC and sold to the public. The profits of the works will be donated to support 5 schools in Mali.


Participating Artists and Designers:

  • Sojung Im
  • Daeun Lim
  • Keke van de Ven
  • Jian Da Huang
  • Lu Fan
  • Chiao Chun Chan
  • Pascale Theron