EXPO /// 24 MAR T/M 9 APR
OPENING FR. 24 MAR /// 19.30 HRS

The Apprentice Master project of Kunstpodium T connects graduating talented artists from eleven European art academies to inspiring contemporary artists. They work together, exchange knowledge and experience and exhibit together in a series of exhibitions.

Edition #12 exhibits work of Mariëlle Buitendijk , who guided Aaron Daem (Gent), Yatir Fernandez Pidal (Vigo) and Julia Shearer (Nothingham).

Title: The Law of the Cupola

Applying a law or a principle, like repetition or symmetry is giving a mark coherence. The marks fuse into the overall order, into an object in its own right. Every part has a coherence not because it fits, or is planned, but because it is part. The Law of the cupola, is through the folding and unfolding being part of the whole.

Entrance: Free