OPENING /// TH. 21 JUNE /// 19:30

As technology advances, the products around us get smarter and can perform more complex tasks then ever before. We watch, click and swipe screens to command them. Rotate, slide or push buttons, and in response, our devices blink and beep or, increasingly, talk back to us.  But is that really how we want to communicate with products?

Students of the Design Academy Eindhoven have been exploring new ways to interact with devices. The 14 creatures in the exhibition Experimental Zoo are giving a glimpse of how we might interact with our products in the future. These experiments are showing how more expressive, surprising or meaningful product behaviours could enrich our experience with them. Ultimately this could allow more caring, long-lasting relationships between humans and our machines.

Be patient and take a good look at these new species of objects. Some have enchanting movements, some mimic animals, some act completely awkward and some do things with no apparent reason. They might stare at you, faint, dance, lose balance or fail, suddenly bloom or even destroy things, so be careful. Some will require your interaction, might take you into a meditative state or provide you with new insights. You can play with some of them, but please, do not feed them.

The second-year course Experimental Zoo was led by Allard Roeterink, with inspiration from the guest tutors Joep Frens, Pepijn Rijnbout, Jasper Kooper, Sietske Klooster, Eibert Draisma, Casper Koomen.

The exhibition is curated by Ana Lisa Alperovich.

Participating students:
Anco de Jonge, Anne-Julie Vignaux, Baptiste Comte, Bartosz Seifert, Emmy Lemmens, Filips Staņislavskis, George Jones, Ilja Schamle, Iris van Hagen, Jean-Baptiste Gambier, Joel Kim, Khaula Aqila, Léa Cruard, Leanne van Hees, Louis Paul Caron, Lucas de Ruiter, Mathijs van Gageldonk, Miles Le Gras, Moon Seo, Noa Jansma, Olga Flor, Onno Dijkhuis, Pierre Allain, Riwan Coëffic, Stella van Beers, Tom Jacobs, Viki Oh, Vincent Dassi and Xander Cummins.

Entrance: free