Philosophical issues, multidisciplinary objects and unexpected manifestations. In Medias Res is an exhibition by Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen, which examines what an installation is or can be. The title has its origins in Latin and can be translated to suddenly stepping into something. Is this the beginning, end or middle of a story? Immerse yourself in an installation full of different media and judge for yourself.

Van Den Dobbelsteen’s work is characterized by objects of all kinds and materialization. It is an abstract composition of different manufacturing processes in which materiality is essential. The coming together of these different media creates an unexpected manifestation; which is essential for Van Den Dobbelsteen’s installations.

In Medias Res is a spatial situation that is constantly in motion and is a different universe for every observer.

Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen (1954) is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Eindhoven. In search of “the fundamental of things” he creates spatial objects, paintings, sound compositions, sculptures and video works. Van Den Dobbelsteen believes in the hidden powers of different media: the materialization of Taoist ideas. By presenting his multidisciplinary works together, Van Den Dobbelsteen creates four-dimensional situations that transform the architecture of a space and challenge the eye and ear.