Installation Drawing Trees, Drawing Time┬árevolves around the growth and sensitivity of trees.Trees are sensitive beings, expanding its form in accordance to its environment. Dendrochronologists study trees’ annual rings to understand the growth mechanisms, and to unravel the climatic changes over thousands of years.

Drawing Trees, Drawing Time is an installation that responds to its surroundings. Fluctuations in light, wind, temperature, humidity and sound, are inscribed into delicate ink drawings that resemble the tree’s annual rings. The drawings remind us of where we are, in what air we breathe, revealing the movement of elements that condition our spaces. As the machine spirals outwards its mechanisms and digital streams of code sync into the affects of nature, moving with and becoming nature.

Sunjoo Lee is a South Korean visual artist and filmmaker. Ko de Beer is an electronics wizard and musician. Sunjoo and Ko have been working together creating art and technology crossover projects. Their first project is Drawing Trees, Drawing Time, which has recently been invited and exhibited in Ars Electronica Festival 2020 at Johannes Kepler University Linz. Sunjoo and Ko are both lovers of nature and arts, always busy with making machines and robots.