About color contemplation

With the exhibition “Orange is also red” Stella Verdult shows work that broadens and deepens the concept of color. A playful composition of collages, photography and language that will broaden your color spectrum and feed your nuance.

Driven by the novelty of color, especially the way they relate to each other, Stella Verdult plays with collages, photography and words. A suggestive and well-considered approach in which the diversity of colors is made visible.

At its core, the exhibition is the largest collage by Stella Verdult.


Stella Verdult

Stella Verdult is a fashion consultant, creative strategist and colour aficionada.

Stella Verdult graduated in 2010 from the Willem de Kooning art academy in Rotterdam, specializing in the study of colour. For the following 2.5 years she lived in Paris and worked in the luxury fashion industry. After Paris she moved to Spain to work as a senior designer for the world’s largest fashion retailer. After 5 years abroad she moved back to The Netherlands to start her own company in fashion design and fashion consultancy. All the while nourishing her research on colour.

Stella Verdult has recently stepped away from the fast fashion industry, focusing on a world where we design and create for longevity and durability.
Sustainability is about improving the relationship between product and consumer. With this exhibition Stella Verdult aims to offer the spectator a broader frame of reference on colour, thus affecting his or hers value standards.

“Orange is also red” is a carefully composed selection of Stella Verdult’ colour research, inviting you to contemplate colour, nourish your nuances and most of all, enjoy colour.