The Dine Gallery is a dining experience presented by TIMIN’.
Connecting the work of young designers with food and dining.

The first series of 3 exclusive dinners will take place during this year’s Dutch Design Week. The evening-long gathering will take place in the exhibition space of TAC after closing time. The experience is focussed on opening up the domain of the designer to the public.

The table is the central point of the moment where 5 designers and Chef Min Young Choi & Tim Teven come together to serve food and design together in one story. Min Young Choi masters Korean cuisine and will merge it with Dutch ingredients.
We serve five courses, each served on exclusive hand made ceramics.

Each ceramic piece has its own story. Min Young Choi and Tim Teven captured this story and translated it in food. Join us as we guide you trough our idea of how a modern day gallery should function.

Entrance: € 67,00 Get your tickets here.