TIME SPLICING LOOP_00.09778. 17”

EXPO /// FR. 12 JUNE – SU. 5 JULY


Time splicing_ loop_00.09778. 17” is a reflection made during confinement period. The audiovisual installation shows Ana Guedes’ interests in memory, history, and especially the role that sound and recordings have in those. Audio is used as vehicles of political clues and social constructs that still resonate in today’s societies – a meditation through the present crisis and the history that led us here.



Ana Guedes’ research is focused on the “dialectics of attunement” within the frame of which she is investigating the threads of memory with the intent of recreating instances that evoke “presence”. Within this frame she develops an instrument building practice, a vocabulary through multidisciplinary performances and installations, sound pieces and modes of scoring while exploring the metonymical gravitational power of history.
Her installations are an investigative gesture to research a subject beyond the instrument itself posing questions to the archive. Music as a political apparatus, instruments as philosophical tools.