EXPO /// FR. 12 JUNE – SU. 5 JULY



All arounds us, we are constantly reminded of our transition to the new normal. Shopping areas are decorated with yellow arrows that keep us distant, and parks are filled with red warning signs that tell us to stay home. The environment we live in is filled with signs and objects. They carry a certain function, but appear before our eyes in shapes and colors. Green waste bins are placed along the highway, cones appear on construction sites, and white striped poles tell us that we are not allowed to drive there. Obstacle bars that we know from horse riding, often have specific colors and are arranged in a pattern. Artist Cindy Bakker is fascinated by the constant repetition of these street objects, that seem to have an unquestioned place in our world, especially now. In Copy Paste, Cindy Bakker enlarges these small everyday subject-object encounters into an installation where this experience is magnified. She copies and pastes the things we see around us on the streets, and transforms them into specific objects that learns us to relate to the outside world in a different way.


Cindy Bakker (1989) graduated from the Master Fine Art, AKV St. Joost, Den Bosch in 2018. She is fascinated by how we collectively interpret objects, things, shapes and colours the same. Using a diverse range of media, like painting, sculpture and installation, Bakker creates things that stand out in the generic mass of visual information, and become specific.


Wallspace is a nomadic projectspace and platform for contemporary arts, autonomous design and self-publishing inspired by Situationist theory and practice. Wallspace offers a free program in the city of Eindhoven in so-called situations. Central to these situations is the exchange of various cultural ideas and expressions and the creation of unique aesthetic experiences. Wallspace is a platform for both the creative maker and the engaged audience. This situation will take place at TAC.


Because of the COVID-19 safety measures, only a maximum amount of 25 people are allowed at the opening on Friday June 12. Reserve your spot by sending an email to