The Collective – Free Design
Take a ride on the Free Design Car and experience the hidden realities of design.
Design Academy, deviance, VR, play

Giuditta Vendrame – I don’t know
A work of art that enlightens you.
art, light design

Playgrounds presents: Sense of Smell – Famous Deaths
Sense of smell reconstructs the famous last moments of celebrities by using only sound and scent.
experience, smell, sound

S. E. T. / Polimeer / Noktuku / Imagination of Things /Duncan Gidney – Conscious Creativity
This international collective presents future scenarios using a mix of technologies, crafts, nature and play.
sustainability, play, nature, technology, craft

The Materialists – The Materialists presents paper
The Materialists explore the qualities of paper by playfully experimenting, molding and folding.
paper, furniture, crockery, experiment

Product Design Arnhem ArtEZ – Common Ground
The diverse and daring projects from recent graduates together present the rapid developments in the design field.
graduates, experiment, new materials

AKV|St.Joost – Impact
Fine art and design academy AKV|St.Joost presents their graduation projects with the biggest impact
graduates, impact, deviant practice, experiment

Adam Mickiewcs Institute / Cultupe.pl – Observatory
See what happens when Polish designers team up with Ukrainians, Moldovans and Belarusians.
culture, tradition, product design, fashion, furniture, graphics

Creative Ukraine – Between Tradition and Innovation
Ukrainian creative community is rethinking the past with aspiration to the future.
culture, tradition, product design, fashion, furniture, graphics

MAFAD – Southern Treasures
A selection of the best alumni from Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts (MAFAD) and master programme POLIS.
graduates, techniques, crafts, body, object, material

HKU: Paul Höhner and Teun van Orsouw – Taste of Complexity
While van Orsouw searches for Eastern wisdom within our Western popular culture, Höhner translates the beauty of organic structures to contemporary products.
graduates, culture, nature

Academie Artemis – Graduates 2017
Artemis alumni provide visual insight into social developments and how this is translated into innovative and applicable solutions for product, space and communication issues.
graduates, graphic design

Willem de Kooning Academie – Presenting Pioneers
Willem de Kooning Academy presents their pioneers who look beyond borders and put future applications and techniques into practice right now.
graduates, techniques, crafts

Elena Pereira / Studio Butterfruit – In Bloom
With lamp shades of pure beeswax with actual flowers and herbs, Studio Butterfruit brings nature and warmth back in the interior.
light design, furniture, nature, health

David Claassen – Outsider
A practical bag for city-dwellers ánd urban outsiders connects people, and invites solidarity between social groups.
social design

Studio Wynd – Pure Noire
The high tech carbon fibre furniture series Pure Noire is as complex, bold, sturdy as light. The innovative technology pushes the boundaries of our imagination.
technology, materials, furniture

Macocoï – Let’s Macocoï
A collective of seven graduates from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels work with different materials and different techniques and offer a melting pot of textile possibilities.
graduates, textile

Louisa Zahareas – Un-Common Sense
Un-Common Sense explores the various ways machines perceive the world around us, using similar processes, yet seeing things differently.
deviant practice, robots, VR, experiment

Taiwanese Designers – Translation Error
Six Taiwanese designers based in Eindhoven use their own experiences of living in a different culture as their inspiration for textiles, fashion, furniture, film and more.
culture, language, fashion, furniture, textiles

Forever Studio – Halo Series
Forever Studio creates a halo of light, captured in a cylinder of polycarbonate.
furniture, light design

Nord Interior – Less is Mooi
Multifunctional furniture that can be personalized and adjusted to contemporary life styles.
furniture, culture