VIA VENTOSA 2018 ///

STREET FESTIVAL /// SU. 15 JULY /// 14:00 – 23:00


Download the map and time schedule here

/// ART
All our doors are open wide during the yearly streetfestival Via Ventosa. Why travel for hours to explore new things, when discoveries are yours for the taking here in Eindhoven? The ateliers are filled to the brim with birds of paradise, courageous lions and bellies full of butterflies. The garden is crawling with animals, and in the expo halls the jungle comes alive with artists Peter Fengler, Fanny Noël, Pascale Theron, the talents of Playgrounds Next and students of Design Academy Eindhoven.

Dance to the beats of AFRIKABOOMNADA, 575, Balboa – afrojazz, Zwaeftaef, Dullmea, Embrace the Waves en MOZEM. Go on an expedition with Alexandra Fraser, spot ‘the big five’ or go on a ‘beesjes saf ari’ in the garden with the Jan Wolkers-like podcast of Leonie Schepers, discover the ‘knufflevandalisme’ in and around TAC with Robin Berkelmans, work up a sweat on the bouncing castle, take a refreshing dive, be visually surprised by the Cycling Cinema of Milan Tak, and enter a tropical oasis with plants of le freak Botanique and very special birds by Pascale Theron.

Related to the exhibition, Peter Fengler presents a series of live-acts in collaboration with De Player, Rotterdam. And why not consider dreaming away with the poetic words of Arnoud Rigter, or in the restaurant with those of word artists Onuitgesproken.

/// FOOD
Adventure makes you hungry and thirsty. Luckily, Minyoung Korean foodlab is there, to silence your hunger. Outside, there is a foodtruck, and beer and drinks. For more info, keep a close watch on the Facebookevent.

Entry: free

////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// MUSIC


AFRIKABOOMNADAis the moniker of Elvin Usidame.The uncrowned king of the nightlife of Eindhoven and far beyond. He is the programmer of the best of Eindhoven’s nights, musician, and as a DJ, armed with a never ending arsenal of percussive tunes.

Next to ongoing residencies in Amsterdam (Disco Dolly) and Eindhoven (HET WILD) you could have seen him before at among others PITCH, Mysteryland, Solar and now in TAC!

Zwaeftaef (Dani a.k.a. Dinosaur) is originally from Eindhoven. He is a loop artist with a charactaristic sound. His songs are a fusion of grunge, triphop and reggae, with now and then a psychedelic edge. Zwaeftaef is inspired by artists like Chris Cornell, Queens of the Stone Age, Dub FX and Tame Impala.


The Portugese artist Dullmea makes sound with her voice, and an impressive amount of effect pedals, improvising with the elements from her own compositions. Her music is inviting, experimental and minimalistic, ‘claustrophobic’ but at the same time angelic.


Embrace the Waves is a psych-, surf- and funkrockband from Eindhoven: optimistic, dark, rousing and mysterious. With tight complex drums, groovy basslines, resounding riffs, and poetic and critical lyrics, the band wants to make the crowd think while they’re dancing up a sweat.


Balboa makes a musical journey between Africa and South-America; from the chique nightlife of Mombasa to the ghetto of Lagos, and between past and present. They bring music of the world, with hypnotising bass lines, saxophone acrobatics, groovy guitar sounds, jazzy drums carried by percussion and a growling Hammond organ. The frontman takes you on an adventurous trip through the African Life. Standing still is not an option.

The DJ’s of collective 575 provide the best Disco/Funky/Groovy/House party’s in Eindhoven.


The boys of MOZEM know how to make a party.

////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// PERFORMANCE

De Player is a production and presentation platform from Rotterdam, that programs at the intersection of performance art, experimental music, and the visual arts. At the core of the program, are productions fo new work with invited artists. During Via Ventosa, the artist that are present are among others: Reinier van Houdt (NL), Ash Kilmartin (IE), Difficult (int.), Fluwelen Koord (BE), DJ Urine (FR) and Peter Fengler(NL).

/// REINIER VAN HOUDT (NL) Acclaimed pianist who performs rather extreme avant-garde pieces, will perform with Peter Fengler Luc Ferraris piece Didascalies 2 for you. Van Houdt’s perspective on his profession: “more and more music escapes the grasp of the composer, the musician and the listener. The notion of music perceived as ‘a genius’ creation’, an ‘artisanal product’ (manufactured according to a certain tradition) or as an experience that is exchangeable within a market, is coming to an end. Music seems more like a natural phenomenon or a ghostlike apparition, brought about by experiments or certain states of mind. Heavily distorted or barely audible – a hiss, almost; an essential unreliability, that nevertheless determines its vitality…” |

/// ASH KILMARTIN (NZ) is an artist. She has a journal full of secrets because no one has read it. Sad! Ash is a guerrilla gardener. Or, she knows one. Pay Attention! She writes lots of words and she takes the weeds out. Ash is a size-shifter, here’s a magnifying glass you can use. Everyone knows how to use one. Ash bends the truth. Or, maybe she creases it right down the middle. Maybe she hacks away at it with a tiny pocket knife. Ash uses the most superlatives. Sadness, anger, lying, peeing. Ash wants to get language out of the way. She will do a site-specific performance. In the garden. Pay attention! |

(int.) Tracy Hanna, Kari Le Riche Robertson and Eothen Stearn playing Difficult music using bass, drums, keyboard, vocals. Visual artists based in Rotterdam their musical collaboration combines absurd lyrics with punk sensibility and improvisation, a difficult process of unlearning and transcending genres. They met at the Piet Zwart InstituteMFA program in 2016 and all worked together at the venue WORM. |

 KOORD (BE) These four No Wave dandies prefer playing with their flutes over wetting their brushes in their painting studios. Fluwelen Koord is almost bred in the Ultra Eczema camp; Belgium’s backbone for unclassifiable music / sound art. Basically, this is a bunch of ill-bred art students being caught with their pants down, trying to channel their weird and wonderfully……..???????>>>>>>. (psychedelics?). The second half of 2018 we will present their 12” album, for this they will do a specific abstract entertaining mood boards jam. Very luxurious. |

 (FR) is a sculptor and sound artist who works with non-computerized sound manipulation. Instead of cutting and pasting snippets of audio together on a laptop, Dj Urine (a french anagram for Ruine, Nuire & Réuni) reaches for the superglue and creates literal sound collages from fragments of vinyl records. These are assembled in a variety of ways, from the pizza slice method to fine mosaics. and played on up to 1 to 7 phonograph simultaneously, to build up rhythms, loops and textures out of many different musical genres. |

 (NL) artistic slave and pusher of DE PLAYER and as well performer in a most inconvenient way. Doing Baroque as well as Non-Baroque and dives in unknown and forgotten poetry. Playing mouth flute and other non hip instrumentals in combination with tax based pieces and choreography. |

Arnoud Rigter graduated in 2004 as an architect at the Eindhoven University of Technology. Nowadays, Rigter turns to poetry, performance, visual arts  and a combination of those, but always armed with humor. Watch out, before you know it, you might shake hands with him!
During Via Ventosa he will take you on a poetry-expedition in a living room, in a turret. Arnoud speaks Dutch sentences like ‘mama’s eisprong is mijn privé-oerknal’, ‘ooit bestond er alleen maar buitenlucht’ and ‘het antwoord op al uw existentiële vragen luidt: neen’.
Duration: 15 minutes.

Onuitgesproken is the youngest, most unruly and outspoken literary performance stage of Brabant, and resides at TAC.

They will take you out on a wonderful journey:
“Come find our birds of paradise mingle and make jokes over lengthy stories of giraffe’s necks.
Come find our deep sea creatures tell you epics of shallow waters with hidden treasures.
Come find our monkeys swinging from branches going about their business while cats, dogs and children howl at the moon.
This is your expedition in our jungle, listen carefully and you might take some things home to ponder about and wonder about.”

//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ADVENTURE

Alexandra Fraser invites you to hunt for the most exotic treasures of the local thrift stores. You’re on your way with just a few clues. Are you sharp enough to recognise the rarities? Will you manage to expose the kitsch, camouflaged pieces of art of the jungle in and around TAC? Heighten your senses!

‘Knuffelvandalisme’ is a growing collection of nice things that are technically not allowed: drawn or carved by anonymous ‘knuffelvandalisten’ and discovered by accident in the public space by Robin Berkelmans and many others.

Designer Leonie Schepers doesn’t associate Jan Wolkers with sex, but with insects. He inspired her to turn over every stone and investigate every leaf, to see what kind of things live there. As a teenager, she developed a disgust for this small life, but why? With her podcast, she wants to refamiliarize people with the wonders of nature.

Experience film in a different context with the mobile cinema of Milan Tak. He will screen several short films, entertaining for all ages.

Le freak Botanique, the urban plant and garden shop (Franklinplein 2) of Sanne van Lankveld is new in the city. Luckily Sanne isn’t: she lives in Eindhoven for years and knows her way to TAC, where she will bring us wild greens for the real safari-look.