VR T/M ZO /// VANAF 17.00 UUR /// VANAF 5 OKT.

Minyoung is a product designer, who is combining her cultural heritage with new input that she got from living in The Netherlands.

For her, cooking and designing are the same process and her Food Lab is a tasty platform to invite guests and give them a chance to look into this interesting process.

She will not only present Korean food culture, but create interesting fusion food by combining local ingredients from The Netherlands.

Vrijdag  16.00 – 22.00 uur
Zaterdag en zondag  13.00 – 22.00 uur

Vanaf februari is het restaurant ook op donderdagen geopend van 16.00 – 22.00 uur.

Reserveren kan middels minyoung.koreanfood.lab@gmail.com

Bekijk hier het DDW-menu