TAC is a place for art and talent development. The TAC building is situated in the center of Eindhoven at the Vonderweg and contains 80 workspaces for starting professional artists. TAC has a cultural program with exhibitions, readings, workshops and music.

The cultural programme of TAC is sponsored by Cultuur Eindhoven in 2017.

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Annual report 2017 [in Dutch]


Thursday /// 16.00 – 00.00 o’cl
Friday /// 16:00 – 01.00 o’cl
Saturday /// 13.00 – 01.00 o’cl
Sunday /// 13:00 – 00.00 o’cl

The exhibitions close at 21:00 o’cl

Thursday and Friday /// 17:30 – 21:00
Saturday and Sunday /// 13:00 – 21:00

Telephone: 040-2461325
Dinner reservations via: +31(0) 615614815 or minyoung.koreanfood.lab@gmail.com

TAC is situated in the center of Eindhoven, next to the Philips soccer stadium and a 7 minute walk from the central station. There is plenty of parking space near our venue.

Vonderweg 1
5611 BK Eindhoven

Director Astrid C. astrid@tac.nu
Venue rental Sjors sjors@tac.nu
Bar & restaurant Sjors sjors@tac.nu
Production Astrid V. productie@tac.nu
Communication Sandra communicatie@tac.nu
Communication Ylja communicatie@tac.nu
Minyoung Korean FOOD-lab Minyoung minyoung.koreanfood.lab@gmail.com
Building manager Gijs beheer@tac.nu
Finance & administration Antoinetta boekhoud@tac.nu

TAC can not exist without the help of volunteers. They work with a lot of enthusiasm in the following fields: building up and breaking down productions, cash register, doorkeeper and many more. Do you want to join the TAC-team? Please contact Elke via productie@tac.nu to sign up.

Vacancy for Attendant

Vacancy for Technician

Vacancy for Floormanager

TAC is a creative learning environment with a lot of space for your own contribution to the team. Our interns have to be able to speak Dutch. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Davy via communicatie@tac.nu (comunication) and/or Astrid V. via productie@tac.nu.